Former NHS 24 CEO to Lead Connected Health Governance Team

Former NHS 24 CEO to Lead Connected Health Governance Team

Pictured left to right: Dave Milliken, Douglas Adams, Brian O’Connor, Margaret Kelly, Professor George Crooks OBE, Lorraine Corr and James Mulholland.

A former NHS 24 CEO is to lead an expert advisory panel appointed by Connected Health to ensure best practice across the organisation’s activities. The independent private domiciliary care organisation’s move has gone far beyond the requirements of healthcare regulation and compliance in what is a first for Northern Ireland.

Connected Health’s new Clinical and Social Care Governance Board is tasked with providing quality assurance in patient care while ensuring appropriate standards and best practice is extended across the organisation.

Professor George Crooks, CEO of the Digital Health and Care Institute in Glasgow, and former CEO and Medical Director of Scotland’s NHS 24 telecare health board, has been appointed chair of the panel which includes healthcare industry specialists, leadership experts and services users.

Connected Health CEO Douglas Adams says the new panel will ensure patient-centred care always comes first throughout the organisation.

“Connected Health’s Clinical and Social Care Governance Board will ensure the focus is always on the person as we pursue our 3Ts approach of employing talent, training and technology to improve the lives of those in our care.

“It’s vitally important to us that mechanisms to prioritise patient-centred care are always in place and functioning effectively. It is equally important that the accepted healthcare principles and standards are upheld in all the activities of Connected Health.

“That’s why we’ve taken this unique step for independent private domiciliary care in Northern Ireland.

“The appointment of this expert advisory committee may go beyond the statutory requirements, but we believe it is the right thing do, both for the people we care for and the organisation.

“We are privileged to have someone of the calibre of Professor George Crooks leading the panel. His expertise will promote continued high standards throughout Connected Health. George has wealth of experience in the provision of excellence in patient care and a strong track record in understanding the application of new technology to improve care, particularly within the NHS.”

Professor George Crooks said: “Experience has shown that clinical and care governance if well applied can do a lot more than provide a vehicle whereby an organisation can assure itself and others that it delivers safe and effective services to a required standard. It should be a vehicle for good.

It can support service improvement, listen to service users, secure person centred care and  it should be seen as supporting and empowering staff and add value across the whole health and care portfolio of an organisation. Holding an organisation to account is a positive activity not a negative one. It requires an organisation of a certain maturity to embrace these activities and I commend Connected Health for stepping forward and taking a leadership role in this area of practice.”