Growing the GB Team

Growing the GB Team

Nicola brings a career of best practice to Connected Health GB

Nicola Ikin brings a career packed with best practice to lead the charge in the delivery of Connected Health care across Great Britain.

As the company’s Registered Service Manager, Nicola is at the centre of the restructuring process to drive the business forward, as it begins a major expansion.

Having excelled herself in a number of care roles since the age of 16 (gaining CSCI [CQC] Registration at 21), Nicola has helped to grow several care businesses while occupying senior management positions.

Her new role at Connected Health is already adding value to the forward-thinking domiciliary care company at its current base in Widnes.

She says: “I’ve been really impressed with Connected Health since joining the team here and it’s great to be involved in rolling out the exciting plans for the future.

“In this sector, you have to bring something different, you can’t get away with just being a day care provider anymore. Connected Health brings fresh approach and that is why this is such an exciting role.

“The market is swamped with little pop-up providers who simply do the same thing day in, day out – ‘the tea and toast brigade’, I call them. This approach may work for a while, but they soon find themselves swamped, if they are not open to making changes to the way they operate.

“At Connected Health, the view is to bring the many added extras, particularly the use of technology to add real value to the care provision. Although there will never be a substitute for face to face client care, it’s important to adapt care provision to the specific needs of clients. Technology plays a central role in that process at Connected Health.”

Nicola believes Connected Health’s approach to care will be a real catalyst for sustainable growth in the sector in GB.

“A commitment to providing a menu of care is what makes Connected Health really different. The menu, of course, contains the main meal which is a home visit, but it also contains the starter, dessert, lunch, breakfast and more – it is a menu of support dependent on the specific needs of clients.

“Other domically care providers seem to be frightened to change like that, maybe because from a finance perspective they think they would be charging less for the service. At Connected Health, we take the view that care is always client-focused and provision should be tailored to them – if a phone call is all that is required, then that is what they get. It’s the same with meal preparation, help with showering, and so on.”

Nicola is relishing her work over the coming months and years.

“There is much hard work ahead, but there is always lots of work to be done in ‘dom’. My background is all about growing care operations by creating new packages, developing projects, ensuring compliance, assuring quality service, overseeing staff recruitment and retention, co-ordinating with healthcare professionals and ensuring that care provision is always ready to adapt to meet ever-changing requirements of clients.”

Nicola has worked in care since leaving school, and although now in a senior management position, she will always be a carer at heart.

“I did two house calls this morning before I came to the office. I like to be on the ground doing the job – it is personally rewarding, but more importantly it makes for good practice in management.”