Introducing the LGBT Champions Programme

“Older people’s services need to come out as LGBT- friendly and not leave it to the older LGBT person to come out”

We’re looking to for health and social care champions who are working with and supporting older people to help us break the barriers of discrimination towards the LGBT community.

Research has uncovered that 40% of older LGBT people have not come out to their healthcare providers due to fear that they’ll be discriminated against and will no longer be accepted and understood.

We want to change this. Isolation and loneliness are things that already plague the elderly and sadly the LGBT community experience this even more so due to a lack of family support.

As a champion, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about the LGBT community and the daily challenges they face. You’ll have the full support of LGBT Ireland along the way and the opportunity to attend national and regional Champion Network events. You’ll also get to know your LGBT patients more, enrich yourselves with their lived experiences so that you can better understand their concerns around health and social care as they get older.

How to be an LGBT Champion

Check out our poster below where you can learn more about this programme and contact James O’Hagan at LGBT Ireland to learn more. Places are allocated on a FCFS basis.