Media Coverage | Connected Health plans to create 63 new jobs in the North West

Health and Wellbeing company Connected Health has unveiled plans to create 63 new jobs in the north west across the remainder of 2017. The firm, which established operations in the Western Health and Social Care Trust area in November of last year, currently employs 62 staff in the region.

Pictured above; Douglas Adams, CEO Connected Health, Lorraine Corr, Service Manager, Judith Marcus Quality Monitoring Officer, Ryan Williams, Director.

An intensified recruitment drive by the company is to more than double staffing levels to 125 in the Trust area by the end of the year. The new posts will include roles in care provision, administration, management and the operation of Connected Health’s innovative new Virtual Care Centre.

Connected Health, which was established in Belfast in 2013, delivers a range of health and wellbeing services to older people and vulnerable adults across Northern Ireland. The company currently employs 230 staff, delivering 6,700 hours of care per week, in excess of 700,000 physical care interactions each year and a host of training and technology offerings.

Connected Health Director Ryan Williams said the growth of the business in the North West in recent months has been “rapid and will remain relentless across the remainder of 2017 and into 2018”. “We have an unequalled standard of services to offer clients in the North West and the growth of our business illustrates the great need for our style of physical and virtual care provision in the region. “Our in-house developed technology solutions such as Pill Plug, our Hospital to Home Service and our Connected Care Training Academy provide an unrivalled level of responsiveness to needs locally. “Headed by our local NW Regional Manager Gail Donnell, our drive will recruit between 10 to 15 new staff per month until at least the end of 2017 to cope with rising demand.”

Connected Health has built strong working relationships with the Western Trust and other healthcare stakeholders across the North West on both sides of the border. Douglas Adams, Connected Health CEO, added: “The Western Health and Social Care Trust has been a strong and engaged partner since we began our delivery of services.

In addition, the quality of staff we have attracted and our management team in the North West have been second to none. “Furthermore, our training approach engages staff within a ‘lifelong’ career ladder approach. Our unique and valued partnership with the North West College has delivered region-wide development training ranging from NVQ levels 3-5 in Health and Social Care to our co-delivered Dementia Champions Programme.”

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