Rewarding Our Carers | Outstanding Service Awards

Rewarding Our Carers | Outstanding Service Awards

Our Carers are the backbone of our business, the kindness and compassion they deliver to our Clients every day is remarkable. Often they go above and beyond, below are three recent examples of outstanding service provided.

Shauna Morris & Annemarie Finnegan | Finaghy

When Shauna & Annemarie arrived to a call the client had just passed away a few minutes before. The family were understandably very upset and they asked if the girls would wash their relative and get him ready to go to the undertakers. Although this was outside of the girls standard remit they carried out the task for the family and helped them in their time of need.

Catherine Callaghan & Leah O’Reilly | Finaghy

Upon arrival at the clients home the girls noticed a deterioration in the clients condition and felt she required an ambulance. The NOK refused to allow them to arrange the ambulance, however following encouragement from Catherine & Leah the NOK agreed to call an ambulance. The following day the Area Manager received a call from the Next of Kin to thank the staff as the hospital confirmed that if an ambulance had not been called the client would have died at home.

Leah O’Reilly & Marie Burns | Finaghy

The girls were on a personal care visit with one of their clients when she passed away during the process. The girls carried out their duties with full dignity and respect to the client and made sure she was dressed for the undertakers arrival minimising the stress to the family at this time.

We are so proud of our carers – well done!!