Rewarding Our Carers | Outstanding Service Awards

Our Carers are the backbone of our business, the kindness and compassion they deliver to our Clients every day is remarkable. Often they go above and beyond delivering CPR and liaising with paramedics, below are two recent examples of the outstanding service provided.

Marie Corrigan, a Care Assistant in Lisburn carried out CPR on her client. The lady had been discharged from hospital the previous day and was not very alert when Marie came to the house. Marie managed to get her out of bed and into the bathroom, she began to wash the lady, Marie noticed the lady had become non responsive she lifted her head to ensure her airways were open and called an ambulance. The 999 team remained on the phone and talked Marie through providing CPR. Marie remained calm, followed the instructions and she kept thinking about the Vinnie Jones TV commercial for the Heart Foundation, where Vinnie Jones carries out CPR by pressing down on the medallion! The paramedics arrived and commended Marie for her actions, the lady was taken to hospital and is continuing to recover. Congratulations to Marie for her actions! You can watch a video of Marie telling her story here.

Two of our Carers from Belfast West,  Orlaigh McHugh and Eilise Murtagh visited one of their clients early one morning and found her unresponsive on the hallway floor. She had vomited and passed out. The girls immediately called an ambulance and alerted their Area Manager. The paramedics arrived and commended the girls for their swift actions.

When the lady was admitted to hospital it was discovered that she has a brain tumor and unfortunately it is inoperable. The lady has been discharged and is receiving medication to help with her condition.

The client was a Hungarian lady and was not able to understand English, in previous visits she was reluctant to let the girls help her and was even a little aggressive towards them. It appears that the patients reluctance to accept help was a symptom from her condition. The girls were determined to be able to help the client and had even downloaded a translation app to help them to communicate with her.

When the girls went to visit the client again after her hospitalisation they were greeted by their patient with a big smile and a few tears. The lady was so grateful, she knew the girls had saved her life by calling the ambulance. The relationship has totally transformed and she is always happy to see the girls coming now.

The family commented “The girls from Connected Health have been so good to our mother, they have shown her nothing but kindness and compassion and we are so grateful for their swift actions.”

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