Tackling stress in the workplace on Stress Awareness Day 3rd November 2021:

Tackling stress in the workplace on Stress Awareness Day 3rd November 2021:

Forward-thinking Northern Ireland employers choosing the Informed Minds App to support their teams

Falling on the first Wednesday of November, Stress Awareness Day is an international event that promotes self-help to deal with stress in the workplace – both employers to establish internal support programmes and for employees to identify and monitor stress, improve their health and well-being.

Stress impacts us all on a day-to-day basis and takes many shapes and forms – relationships, work, education, health, money, family, bereavement, and unexpected changes in our lives are all common causes of stress. When we fail to deal with it for a long time, chronic stress sets in which is remaining in a prolonged and constant state of stress that can lead to life-threatening problems such as hypertension, heart diseases, decreased immunity, loss of sociability, and decreased mental vitality – stress should never be taken lightly.

In the workplace, the knock-on effects are significant. A NISRA report of 2018/2019 found that:

“Anxiety/Stress/Depression/Other Psychiatric Illnesses was the absence reason that accounted for the greatest proportion of working days lost (38.7%) during 2018/2019. Within this category, work-related stress accounted for approximately a third of the days lost.” (NISRA)

At an employee level, NISRA also found:

“The headline absence figure for 2018/2019 was 12.6 days (average days lost per staff year). In salary terms, this equated to an estimated £32.9 million of lost production – equivalent to 3.8% of the total NICS pay bill in 2018/2019.” (NISRA)

Pandemic-related changes have compounded our stressful lives meaning further loss of productivity for business and burn-out for employees. There has never been a more important time for new and creative solutions to help alleviate stress especially in the workforce.

Taking an entirely innovative approach, the Informed Minds App team are finding more businesses looking to a proactive solution to show their workers that they are supported, valued and heard.

Sinead Welsh (Founder of the Informed Minds App) said:

“Our ‘game changing’ mental health & wellbeing App sets itself apart from its competitors by being a platform where real people share their lived and learned stories of hope and recovery to help others, real professionals share their ‘golden nuggets’ of guidance to help others and there is quick and easy access to support services.

With over 365 vlogs (videos) and rising, the Informed Minds App helps alleviate stress by showing its users how to help themselves and how they can help others – all in a relatable way and at their time of need and delivered via a mobile phone App, the platform of choice for so many now.”

Julie Cordner (Director of People at Connected Health Ltd) said:

“We believe in our employees and we want to ensure that we are looking after them and supporting them, especially as their role can be emotionally challenging.

We know our carers need different levels of support and are facing different challenges so giving them wrap around support before they reach breaking point is extremely important to us. Not everyone needs to be referred to counselling and many choose self-help coping strategies instead and that is why we love the fact that the App provides a layered approach, so our carers can access help on their own terms.”

Paula Fletcher (Managing Director at Informed Minds) added,

“The Informed Minds App is attractive to both private and public organisations as an ‘add-on’ to their existing employee assist programs or e-learning platforms because it provides a value for money intervention, benefiting from remote delivery on a 24-hour basis. This creates increased reach, increased access, and increased participation by giving employees a safe and private place to access relatable and directed support at the time of need.

The overall benefits of employers supporting the mental health and wellbeing needs of their teams in this way is improved engagement, productivity and retention – and what organisation doesn’t want that?”

The Informed Minds Team are now working with private businesses and community organisations to get their App onto the mobiles of as many people as possible to not only reduce stress, but with the ultimate aim of reducing self-harm and suicide rates.