Home Care Workers: Don’t Forget to Make Your Tax Claim

Don’t miss out – Make sure to claim your mileage!

There is a possibility to claim tax back on your mileage, as well as other expenses such as cleaning costs for your uniform.

  • All you need to do is provide the information listed below to your local Accountant who may charge a fee for the service.
  • Alternatively please Fill out the form online at HMRC

Mileage Enquiry Information for care workers

You can only make a mileage claim if you have suffered tax, working in this specific industry so the first question is:

Did you pay any tax on this specific job’s income? (if you are unsure please check your payslip and if it is 0.00 you do not currently pay tax and do not qualify to make a claim)

If you answered yes to the above can you provide us with the following details:



Date of Birth:

Mileage done per day or per week for the full tax year in question

Before all any claim can be submitted the following must be provided beforehand:

  • p45 or p60
  • Photographic ID
  • A Current utility bill
  • Mileage per week, split out over days

If you do not pay tax, work 16 hours and under or claim tax credits you’re not eligible to claim for mileage.

Lastly if you have a mileage claim that’s worth more than £2500 then you must register for Self-Assessment and complete a full tax return but we can take care of all that hassle.