In 2012, a team of highly experienced professionals, with a relevant mix of knowledge and expertise, came together to create Connected Health Limited. We provide effective and efficient high quality healthcare services in the home and in the community, thereby promoting prevention and decreasing the demand for costly hospitalisation.

Our 3Ts approach of talent, training and technology ensures effective connections between all of those involved so that, together, we deliver better and more responsive support in a way that measurably improves the lives of those in our care.

Our Values

Those receiving care must always be at the very centre of all that we do. It is our responsibility and our duty to effectively connect all of those involved so that, together, we deliver better and more responsive support in a way that measurably improves the lives of those in our care.

We ensure our service is Effective, Safe, Compassionate and delivered with Innovation.

Our People

Brian O'Connor

Brian O’Connor


Brian was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland and has worked in the UK, the US and lived in Hong Kong for eleven years.
Through his long established consultancy company, Corporate Direction Ltd, he is currently providing strategic advice to Governments, International organisations and companies on the challenges facing healthcare in general and specifically on the Connected Health opportunity.

Douglas Adams Headshot

Douglas Adams


Having established and grown businesses in the hospitality, construction and healthcare sectors, Douglas was an early advocate of the consolidation and professionalisation of the Domiciliary Care market and the integration of this service with both TeleCare and TeleHealth services.

ryan sq

Ryan Williams


Ryan is an innovator and solutions architect within the business services and talent space assisting clients to identify, map and solve challenges relating to sales & business development, commercialisation, recruitment, talent management, contingent workforce management, outsourcing & business transformation.

Bertie Notley

Bertie Notely


Bertie is a results driven, self motivated and resourceful business development professional with 15 years experience in varied sales environments with a proven ability to establish and develop effective high level relationships. His indepth knowledge of technology platforms and integration are invaluable to Connected Health.

Lorraine sq

Lorraine Corr

Service Manager | Domiciliary Care

Lorraine has overall responsibility for the day to day operations of the Domiciliary Care business ensuring all legislation and codes of practice are followed. Prioritising the level of care and service delivered to our Clients.

julie headshot

Julie Cordner

Director of Business Development & Projects

Julie’s key focus is the development & leadership of new projects and the introduction of sub brands across the business. This includes project management of key areas of business improvement. She is also responsible for the development of an enhanced and improved core marketing and communications approach across the business.


Theresa Morrison

Training Manager

Theresa is responsible for a team of five Trainers in the Connected Academy. She is a fully qualified nurse (since 2010) and healthcare trainer. Prior to joining the Connected Health Group, Theresa was working Australia as a Unit Manager in a Private hospital. Theresa has a Master’s degree focused in Interdisciplinary Dementia Studies from University of Ulster.

john kelly

John Kelly

Head of Product & Technology | North America

John is an award-winning technologist within the health and biotech sector. He holds multiple patents, and many of his products are being sold and actively sought internationally. His expertise span across the entire product development lifecycle. Johns role within Connected Health is to coordinate the design & development of innovative technology products and technology assisted patient services.

Phil LR

Phil Tattersall

Operations Director | GB

An experienced Operations Director, with 14 years’ experience in health & social care. Phil’s role within Connected Health is to manage,  grow and develop the Connected Health Group across GB. Delivering service excellence to our Clients and Carers by connecting innovation and care.

Our Partners

Health & Social Care Professionals

Those professionals within the health and social care sector who contract for our services, together with the regulatory bodies who support them, have a right to expect that not only will we deliver our services to the agreed and approved standards, but that we will put in place a regime of continuous improvement that lifts our service delivery standards and our efficiencies above and beyond expectations.

Academia and Industry


With the continued growth in service demands, new solutions and methods of service delivery will need to be devised, perfected and implemented. It is our belief that such solutions are best created through active, ongoing dialogue and collaboration with those leaders in the fields of Research & Development, in academia and in industry.

Our Supply Chain


Ensuring the most effective service delivery solution, utilising “across-the-board” best practice.  All of those working within our supply chain understand the issues and demands faced within our sector and are ready to leverage their expertise and resource in support of the delivery of the highest possible standards of care.

Voluntary & Community Sectors

We are committed to working in support of and in partnership with voluntary organisations and community groups in order to deliver “joined-up” local services in the most appropriate, efficient and effective manner. In this way, we are seeking to ensure that resource, experience, knowledge and expertise is focused and optimised within communities for the benefit of all of those requiring care and support, thereby delivering consistently better Health and Social Care outcomes.