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Live Connected Service Empowers Independence & Choice

Live Connected

Live Connected, Connected Health’s Supported Living service, ensures that people from all walks of life can live independently in the comfort of their own home.

Supported Living promotes independence, choice, and inclusion for individuals with disabilities, mental health conditions, or other support needs. It provides an alternative to traditional residential care settings by enabling individuals to live in their homes while receiving the necessary support to maintain their independence and well-being.

Live Connected recognises individuals’ abilities, not their disabilities and is designed to offer a person-centred and flexible approach to supported living.

Live Connected
Live Connected Service

The homes of our Live Connected service users are based in local communities. Our Support Workers provide our service users with the support they need — 24/7 where necessary. Each person we support has the opportunity to live in the least restrictive environment possible whilst continuing to be able to access ongoing support with the engagement of our full multi-disciplinary team.

We simplify what can be a complicated process of moving towards independent living by completing all necessary assessments and recommending the most appropriate support needs; this can range from assessment of needs to ASD assessments.

Our team of professionals is dedicated to identifying the best solutions available to our service users and their loved ones. This can also include our Technology Enabled Care, where we offer a range and blend of technological complementary healthcare solutions.

Our Commitment

Connected Health’s Supported Living helps people from all walks of life live independent and happy lives.
• Supporting people to lead active and positive lifestyles.
• Promoting positive risk-taking to enable and empower individuals to become more independent.
• Identifying and minimising early warning signs, relapse risks and potential subsequent hospital readmission.

Connected Health Live Connected Service

What Can You Expect From Live Connected?

The Live Connected service provides high-quality care, ensuring that the holistic needs of service users are consistently met. We understand that each service user is unique and that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. We offer an in-house, multi-disciplinary team including mental health nurses, positive behaviour specialists, and social workers who will complete necessary assessments.

Live Connected differs from other supported living schemes in that it offers the following:
Monthly reviews with an in-house, multi-disciplinary team.
Information sharing with healthcare partners to ensure those supported receive the best care.
Constant monitoring and response to changing needs and environments.
An extensive on-site management team.
Clinical oversight.
A dynamic operating model to respond to ever-changing environments and needs