Private Homecare Northern Ireland

Empowering Personalised & Compassionate Support In The Comfort Of Your Home

Connected Health homecare allows you to remain in the comfort of your own home with the professional support you need to remain safe and well. From help with washing, dressing and cooking; to around-the-clock assistance, health monitoring using our activity wearable, and simply providing good company, your Connected Health highly trained carers are always ready to support you in living your life to the full, with dignity and independence.

Highly trained care professionals deliver our premium homecare services and include wearable activity devices for a technology-assisted care package that promotes peace of mind.

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Domiciliary Care

It is universally recognised that most people requiring care are happiest receiving it in their homes’ comfort and familiar surroundings. That is why homecare now forms an essential and fundamental part of all health and social care strategies. The quality of domiciliary care delivered to each of our clients depends not only on what we do for them or how long we spend doing it but, most importantly, on how we deliver their care.

We are dedicated to recognising each of those for whom we care as an individual and unique person with different needs and circumstances, and an inalienable right of choice. We are sensitive to the fact that we are guests in the homes of those for whom we care and that we must always act in a way that respects them, their individuality, their privacy, their property and, most importantly, their dignity.

Domiciliary Care Northern Ireland
Data-Driven Home Care Northern Ireland

Peace of Mind
(Data-Driven Home Care)

Your Peace of Mind premium homecare service ensures you or your loved one remains safe at home while also keeping next of kin informed of your well-being in real-time using wearable technology. Historically, care packages were initiated after falls or traumatic incidents, but advances in wearable technology mean we can now take a much more proactive approach to care. PacSana is an activity wearable which shows movement changes over time to provide evidence of care needed, along with sudden changes requiring more urgent attention. PacSana shares this data with its wearer, their carers, and family members through a simple-to-use smartphone app and dashboard.

In this way, it provides peace of mind for both wearers and their next of kin. This unobtrusive motion monitoring device has a six-month battery life, can be worn in the shower and features an emergency help button to alert carers and next of kin.

Morning Wake Up

Your daily Morning Wake Up service is designed to help you or your loved one confidently prepare for each day. Our care professionals will act as your morning alarm call before assisting you with washing, dressing and preparing breakfast so you can start off on the right foot and make the most of each day. Remaining care time may be spent preparing your lunch for later, completing day-to-day household chores, or simply providing good company and conversation.

Morning Wake Up Service Northern Ireland
Tuck In Service Northern Ireland

Tuck-In Service

The nightly Tuck-In service ensures you or your loved one have everything needed for a good night’s rest. Our care professionals will help you to change into your nightwear, make sure all your night-time essentials are close to hand, prepare a snack and your favourite cuppa, and be there for some friendly conversation.

Round The Clock

Our Round-the-Clock service provides 24-hour care and helps with all the daily tasks you or your loved one needs to stay safe and well at home. This service includes weekly heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure and temperature observations, and a full weekly update report on your health.

Benefit from assistance with all everyday tasks and movements, including cleaning and housework, getting in and out of bed, personal hygiene, getting dressed and undressed, and more. This service also provides a companion for conversation throughout the day and night, sitting to assist if needed. It is the perfect alternative to a care home, with the benefit of remaining in your own home.

Round The Clock Homecare Northern Ireland

Specialist Homecare Services

Our personalised care packages ensure you or your loved one receive the bespoke care service for home help required for your particular needs. From check-in visits to full live-in support, we will tailor our service to your special additional requirements, whether they result from an illness or injury.

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