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Joint Replacement Care Northern Ireland

Assisted Recovery In The Comfort Of Your Home

Major operations such as hip and knee replacements can take some time until complete recovery. In addition, you will likely feel weak and tired after surgery and need assistance with daily living tasks.

Connected Health offers a bespoke homecare service that will provide the additional care and support you require to heal well and in good time.

You can quickly restore mobility and health with good post-operative care at home, and Connected Health is here to help.

Joint Replacement Care Northern Ireland

Joint Replacement Homecare – Recovery in the Comfort of Home

Connected Health’s Joint Replacement homecare focuses on providing personalised, comprehensive care right in the patient’s home. This service is essential for anyone who has undergone joint replacement surgery and requires support during recovery. By delivering care in a familiar environment, we ensure physical support and emotional comfort for our patients.

Ideal Candidates for Joint Replacement Homecare

This service benefits older adults or individuals with limited mobility who have undergone joint replacement surgery. It’s also a crucial support system for those needing a robust home support network. Our homecare services offer the specialised attention and care needed to navigate the recovery process effectively.

The Right Time for Joint Replacement Homecare

The need for Joint Replacement care becomes evident immediately after discharge from the hospital. Prompt initiation of home care services is vital to managing post-operative pain, preventing complications, and facilitating a smooth transition to daily activities.

You can trust our highly-trained staff to provide high-quality homecare services customised to your needs and preferences.

These services might include:

  • Having a care professional stay with you during the first few weeks following surgery.
  • Assisting with washing those body parts that are hard to reach so you can avoid bending and stretching.
  • Help with getting you dressed and out of bed in the morning.
  • Supervision of light physical activities and exercises to increase post-operative mobility.
  • Shopping, cooking, and general housework assistance.
  • Accompanying you to doctor’s appointments to check your wound or remove stitches.
  • Medicine assistance to free you from pain, discomfort, and infections.
  • Coordination with your care providers to ensure you have the correct equipment and aids in your home.

There are many reasons why you might need to have an operation. Recovering from an operation, particularly in your later years, can be challenging and make living at home during the post-operative period difficult. Connected Health offers a range of services and care packages to assist you in managing your health after your discharge from hospital.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is a Joint Replacement Homecare plan customised for each patient?2024-03-25T16:09:42+00:00

At Connected Health, we understand that every joint replacement surgery and patient is unique. Our care plans are tailored after thoroughly assessing the patient’s specific surgical outcome, overall health condition, and personal recovery goals. This involves close collaboration with the patient’s healthcare providers to understand the surgical approach and any special considerations. We factor in the patient’s lifestyle, home environment, and personal preferences to create a care plan that is both medically sound and personally comforting and convenient.

In what settings does Connected Health provide Joint Replacement Homecare services?2024-03-25T16:07:20+00:00

Connected Health provides Joint Replacement Homecare services directly in the patient’s home. The familiar, comfortable home setting is conducive to a more relaxed and effective recovery. Our services are designed to adapt to the home environment, ensuring that care is effective and integrates seamlessly into the patient’s daily life.

Can Joint Replacement Homecare speed up the patient’s recovery process?2024-03-25T16:06:51+00:00

Absolutely. Receiving professional home care can significantly expedite a patient’s recovery. Personalised attention to pain management and physical therapy is vital to this accelerated healing. By ensuring that recovery exercises are performed correctly and consistently and that pain is effectively managed, patients often experience a quicker return to their normal activities. Moreover, the comfort and familiarity at home can positively impact the patient’s overall well-being and recovery speed.

How long should one typically engage in Joint Replacement Homecare services, and does this duration vary?2024-03-25T16:06:16+00:00

The duration of Joint Replacement Homecare varies depending on individual factors such as the type of joint replacement, the patient’s overall health, age, and specific recovery goals. Home care might be needed for a few weeks to several months. Our care team continuously evaluates the patient’s progress and adjusts the care plan to ensure the most efficient and effective recovery journey.

What services are included in Joint Replacement Homecare provided by Connected Health?2024-03-25T16:05:44+00:00

Connected Health’s Joint Replacement Homecare encompasses a range of services tailored to each patient’s post-surgical needs. This includes meticulous pain management strategies for each patient’s tolerance and medication requirements. We offer hands-on assistance with daily living activities, such as bathing, dressing, and mobility, ensuring patients maintain their dignity and independence as they recover. Our physical therapy support is crafted to each patient’s specific surgical recovery needs, focusing on regaining strength and mobility in the replaced joint. Additionally, we provide expert wound care to prevent infection and promote optimal healing.

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