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Joint Replacement Care Northern Ireland

Assisted Recovery In The Comfort Of Your Home

Major operations such as hip and knee replacements can take some time until complete recovery. In addition, you will likely feel weak and tired after surgery and need assistance with daily living tasks. Connected Health offers a bespoke homecare service that will provide the additional care and support you require to heal well and live freely.

You can quickly restore mobility and health with good post-operative care at home, and Connected Health is here to help.

Joint Replacement Care Northern Ireland

You can trust our highly trained staff to provide high-quality homecare services customised to your needs and preferences. These services might include:

Having a care assistant stay with you during the first few weeks following surgery.
Assistance with washing so you can avoid bending and stretching.
Help with getting dressed and out of bed in the morning.
Support with light physical activities to increase post-operation mobility.
Help with shopping, cooking, and general housework.
Accompanying you to doctor appointments to check your wound or remove stitches.
Assistance with taking medication to minimise pain, discomfort, and infection.
Coordination with your care providers to ensure you have the correct equipment and aids in your home.

There are many reasons why you might need to have an operation. Recovering from an operation in your older years can be challenging and make a living at home during the post-operative period difficult. Connected Health offers a range of services and care packages to assist you in managing your health from the moment you are discharged from the hospital.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Joint Replacement Care?2023-08-25T10:58:36+00:00

Joint replacement care refers to the support and assistance given to those undergoing joint replacement surgeries such as hip or knee replacements. Its goal is to facilitate an easy recovery process while optimising the outcomes of joint replacement procedures.

Joint replacement surgery entails extracting an injured or arthritic joint and replacing it with an artificial one made of metal, plastic, or ceramic components. After surgery, comprehensive care must be provided to manage pain effectively, promote rehabilitation efficiently, and avoid complications.

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