For many facing end-of-life decisions, the desire to spend their final days at home surrounded by familiar comforts and cherished loved ones is paramount. Connected Health understands this deeply and offers crucial domiciliary support and palliative care in Northern Ireland, ensuring compassionate assistance during this delicate phase.

At Connected Health, our approach to end-of-life care is highly personalised. We collaborate closely with you to tailor a care plan that aligns with your specific needs and preferences. Upholding the utmost dignity and respect for each individual’s spirituality is fundamental in our care philosophy, particularly during these challenging times.

Our dedicated team works hand-in-hand with healthcare professionals and all involved in your or your loved one’s care journey. We focus on managing symptoms, preserving dignity, and ensuring maximum comfort throughout.


What is Palliative Care?

Palliative care stands as a vital support system for individuals navigating life-limiting conditions. At Connected Health, our personalised approach tailors domiciliary care plans to meet unique needs and preferences, respecting each individual’s spirituality and maintaining utmost dignity throughout.


Who Can Benefit from Palliative Care?

The inclusivity of palliative care encompasses anyone wrestling with a severe or life-threatening illness, along with their circle of family and caregivers. Irrespective of age or the stage of the illness, our palliative care services are finely attuned to accommodate and cater to diverse needs and circumstances.


How is Palliative Care Different than Hospice?

While sharing a core intent, palliative care and hospice diverge in crucial aspects. Palliative care embraces medical treatments and curative efforts, focusing on adept symptom management and exploring multifaceted treatment options. In contrast, hospice care is tailored for end-of-life comfort when medical treatments cease.


Palliative Care Benefits

Patient-Centric Approach: Emphasising individual choices and opinions forms the core of our care ethos.

Transparent Communication: We ensure families are informed, fostering active participation in care planning.

Personalised & Sensitive Support: Understanding patient wishes and circumstances remains pivotal in our caregiving.

Skilled & Empathetic Carers: Our specialised team is extensively trained in end-of-life care, offering professional support coupled with empathy.

Support for Family: Recognising the challenges faced by family members, our palliative care extends ongoing support at every stage. Our carers form close relationships, offering not just care but also becoming a part of the family’s support network.

Enhanced Quality of Life: We prioritise ensuring our patients lead fulfilling lives irrespective of their condition’s stage. Our focus on enhancing quality of life includes tailored activities to promote well-being, ensuring comfort, and valuing their happiness and contentment.

Understanding Treatment Plans: We ensure patients and their families understand treatment plans comprehensively. This includes explaining expected outcomes, potential side effects, and ongoing communication to ensure comfort and understanding.

Mental Well-being: Our care approach goes beyond physical well-being, focusing on mental and spiritual aspects. We aim to create a supportive environment that nurtures hope, eases fears, and fosters peace of mind amidst terminal illness.

Reduced Hospital Visits: By providing comprehensive care, including pain relief at home, we prioritise reducing hospital visits. This approach ensures comfort, convenience, and holistic care within the familiar setting of one’s home.


What does Palliative Care at Home with Connected Health Include?

Our commitment transcends conventional caregiving. We seamlessly collaborate with healthcare professionals, ensuring effective symptom management, dignified care, and maximum comfort for both patients and their families.

Opting for palliative care at home through Connected Health offers a significant advantage over relocating a loved one to a specialised facility when facing a life-limiting condition or terminal illness. Collaborating with an experienced home care agency ensures they receive essential care without the need to transition to a new environment. The key benefits of choosing palliative care at home encompass:


Staying in the Comfort of Home

The typical course for individuals requiring palliative care often involves hospital admissions as their health declines. However, the majority express a strong preference to remain in their familiar surroundings. Opting for palliative care at home with Connected Health allows your family member to stay within the comforts of their own home, surrounded by cherished possessions, fostering a relaxed environment. This arrangement also enables family and friends to spend valuable time without the constraints of restricted visiting hours, facilitating more quality moments together.


Respecting Personal Wishes

When a family member desires to spend their final days at home, it becomes paramount to honour their preferences. Palliative care at home with Connected Health ensures a tailored approach, deeply aligned with your loved one’s specific needs and desires. A team of adept healthcare professionals crafts a care plan that not only addresses their medical necessities but also respects their wishes concerning their end-of-life journey. This plan remains adaptable, evolving with the progression of their condition, showcasing the unparalleled flexibility of home care services.


Receiving Personalised Attention

During this challenging phase in your family member’s life, the need for substantial support becomes apparent, and palliative care at home through Connected Health offers a level of comprehensiveness not easily found elsewhere. Your loved one will benefit from an exclusive team dedicated to their care, eliminating the need to juggle multiple caregiving responsibilities. Each visit by our healthcare assistant is solely dedicated to your loved one, guaranteeing undivided attention and personalised care. Our professionals devote their entire time and focus, ensuring your loved one receives the utmost support and comfort throughout their journey.


When Does End-Of-Life Care Begin?

End-of-life care can commence at any stage of a life-limiting illness. At Connected Health, we focus on early integration of palliative care to optimise patient comfort and support families through this delicate journey.

Planning your end-of-life care in advance is an empowering step that ensures you receive treatments aligned with your preferences in the future. This proactive approach not only honours your choices but also guides your family and friends in making decisions regarding your care, especially if you’re unable to voice your preferences.

Opting for end-of-life care at home is a valid choice, granting you the entitlement to receive exceptional, high-quality care aimed at ensuring a dignified and peaceful transition – what many refer to as a ‘good death’.


Arranging End-of-Life Care/Palliative Care Services

Connected Health stands as a symbol of dignified end-of-life care, ensuring professional, compassionate support for patients and their families. We will work with you to create a plan for your end-of-life care. The domiciliary service we provide will be customised to your needs and preferences. We respect and value each person’s spirituality and always uphold their right to be cared for with maximum dignity during this difficult time. For a deeper understanding of our services and how we provide solace during this sensitive phase, please contact us.