Connected Health 2.0, our premium private care service is excited to partner with Feebris. The Feebris mobile app enables a patient, their family or a carer to perform a health assessment and identify risk early.


It can be used to manage long-term conditions or in acute episodes, providing instantaneous detection of any signs of deterioration. The technology has been used by the NHS across more than 100 sites, including primary care & community nursing programs.


Feebris has said ‘ We are excited to partner with Connected Health so that we can offer this service to the Belfast region and show how remote patient monitoring can improve healthcare outcomes in a community setting.’


Rachel Brammer, Director of Stakeholder Engagement & Partnerships for Connected Health 2.0 stated ‘’ We are delighted to be able to offer our clients world class preventative care by using Feebris. We can now remotely monitor clients in their home using this AI system to enable more effective care in real time. We aim to reduce hospital admissions and keep clients safe in their homes using Feebris’’.