Delivering Digital Enabled Home Health

Executive Summary

We are entering an era of transformational change in health care. Driven by an aging population, shifting power dynamics within the value chain, increased demand for services and changing consumer expectations, a new
health ecosystem is emerging.

To succeed in this new ecosystem, organisations must adopt a new mindset and broader perspective, and embrace a new dual pathway to growth. A pathway that takes into account the changing business reality of today and the emerging opportunities of tomorrow.

Traditional health systems are under pressure from rising costs, growing consumer expectations and new technologies. The future of health care lies in bold changes to business models, policies and funding strategies that enable consumers to play an active part in their own digital health ecosystem.

As digital health moves from future to current state, health providers and payers confront a rapidly transforming landscape. Succeeding in the digital health ecosystem may require changing not only how health care organisations operate, but how they view the world.

Health care spending is on an unsustainable trajectory, thanks to demographic shifts and globalisation. As a result, health systems are focused on sustainability and outcomes driven by value, as they strive to balance three fundamental imperatives: expanding access, improving quality and managing costs.

Health providers can thrive in the transformative age by embracing business intelligence solutions, new technology and advanced analytics capabilities to bridge the gap between data and actionable insights. Doing so will allow providers to improve the quality of care; reduce fraud, waste and abuse; drive down costs; deliver care in new ways; and enhance the patient experience.

In this report, ConnectedHealth and EY Ireland discuss the drivers that are providing and delivering digital-enabled homecare, the key benefits, and why it is important for health care providers and private sector organisations
to support the acceleration of this effort.

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