In today’s society, sustainability has garnered immense importance. Businesses, governments, and individuals are increasingly recognising the need to consider Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors in their decision-making processes. Connected Health, as part of this movement, is actively striving to integrate ESG considerations across all aspects of the company.  

Connected Health is aware of the pressing need preserve the environment and improve the world we inhabit.  We have undertaken deliberate measures to address these environmental concerns. One initiative is the localisation of our company uniform sourcing, a conscious effort aimed at reducing the carbon footprint associated with importing uniforms overseas. Furthermore, we have embraced the introduction of electric cars into our fleet, with the ultimate goal of transitioning to an all-electric vehicle fleet. This initiative exemplifies our commitment to reducing emissions and advancing the adoption of eco-friendly transportation methods. 

In terms of the social aspect of ESG, Connected Health uploads a commitment to being an employer that offers the ‘Real Living Wage’ ensuring our employees receive fair compensation that truly reflects their dedication and hard work. We proudly embrace the values of equality and diversity as an equal opportunity employer, actively celebrating events such as Pride Month to show our support for the LGBT community. Additionally, we extend our commitment to the local community by sponsoring various local sports teams, giving back to the community that supports us. 

Connected Health also offers their carers to gain qualifications through the Connected Academy. Connected Academy have teamed up with the Awarding Body, Open College Network Northern Ireland (OCN NI) to develop a framework of accredited courses, creating a learning pathway for domiciliary care workers from basic level 1 to level 5 (HND / foundation degree level).  This initiative supports the development of accredited training to support the career development of the workforce in this sector. 

Through a dynamic and inclusive governance structure, Connected Health strives to foster responsible leadership. The company prides itself on a robust framework led by a diverse board of directors. Our team includes Theresa Morrison, our accomplished female Chief Operating Officer (COO) and our youngest director Rebecca Vogel, both bringing invaluable expertise from their respective fields. Under the guidance of our CEO, Douglas Adams, Connected Health places great emphasis on effective governance, ensuring that the company operates in alignment with regulations and policies to allow for transparency and fairness to be upheld. Our dedication to these principles ensures that stakeholders can trust our decision-making.

At Connected Health, we firmly believe that incorporating ESG principles is vital not only for the welfare of our planet but also fostering a more responsible and sustainable future.