Join our CEO, Ryan, below, as he introduces Care Drop, a new concept in home care by Connected Health. Part of our commitment to provide better homecare; homecare 2.0 if you’d like to all of the patients in our community.

We want to focus on delivering outcome-based homecare rather than care that is task-oriented or bound by time. This allows all our homecare assistants to be more flexible in the level of care they provide and provides them with the opportunity to get to know their patients better. They can spend more time with their patients if necessary and have the flexibility to do everything it takes to ensure their physical and mental needs are being met, whilst diagnosing any issues that might arise.

We’re also embracing tech to further develop this understanding. Our new tracking bracelets from PacSana allows us to monitor and track movements and vital signs and learn any patterns of behaviour that will ultimately assist us in providing a better level of care.

Of course, if necessary, we can be there for our patients as often as they need (four, five, six times a day) but we can use the data we collect both in person and using our TEC systems to get our patients back out in the community too and socialising with their friends, whether it’s going to a walking club or enjoying an afternoon of bingo.

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