A project supported by the European Union’s INTERREG VA Programme, managed by the Special EU Programmes Body.

The Team

Connected Health is delighted to be working with the Southern Health and Social Care Trust to deliver this project.

Our team of Health Facilitators details are provided below;

Telephone: 077 78432972

About the Project

Co-operation and Working Together (CAWT) is the cross border health and social care partnership, comprising the Health Service Executive in the Republic of Ireland and the Public Health Agency, the Health and Social Care Board and the Southern and Western Health & Social Care Trusts in Northern Ireland. Together with partners in NHS Dumfries and Galloway in Scotland, CAWT has been successful in securing grant funding from the European Union INTERREG VA programme, to progress a cross border health and well-being project called Community Health Sync (CoH-Sync) which will run until Sept 2021.

By being rooted in local communities and working with and through existing organisations and initiatives, the CoH Sync project will strengthen capacity for improving health and wellbeing in participating communities. EU INTERREG VA funding is available for the development of new cross border interventions through a network of 8 Locality Health and Well-being Hubs within Northern Ireland (3 Hubs), Republic of Ireland (3 Hubs) and South West Scotland (2 Hubs). These Hubs will be resourced with Health Facilitators who will support individuals and groups to become more active in improving their own health and wellbeing by making better use of existing resources within communities, thus building sustainable resilience through a community-asset based approach. Every community has a supply of assets (resources, skills and talents of individuals, groups, associations and organisations) that can be used to support individuals and the community. Interventions / programmes developed will be open to participants on a cross border basis.

The project wishes to engage those in your community to participate with your dedicated health facilitator who will help you design and tailor a plan specifically for your needs. By setting manageable targets your health facilitator will support you to reach your goal through the use of existing local / cross border programmes. Our focus is on early intervention and prevention by reducing the impact of key risk factors in the development of Long Term Conditions.