Arthritis is a prevalent and challenging condition, affecting over 900,000 individuals in Ireland, and an additional 900,000 in the UK. Living with arthritis can make daily tasks daunting, but there is a solution that allows you to continue enjoying life comfortably: Connected Health. As Ireland’s and Northern Ireland’s premier homecare provider, we are dedicated to supporting and caring for individuals with arthritis, enabling them to lead fulfilling lives from the comfort of their own homes.


Arthritis Homecare: Your Path to Comfortable Living

Connected Health understands the unique challenges that arthritis presents and offers a comprehensive range of homecare services designed to improve your quality of life.


Our Services for Arthritis Support

Morning Assistance: We provide a helping hand to start your day right, ensuring you can rise and get ready comfortably and confidently.

Household Management: Tasks like cleaning and laundry can become daunting when you have arthritis. Our caregivers can help maintain your home, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

Personal Shopping: Whether you need assistance with shopping or prefer to have us shop on your behalf, we ensure you have all the essentials you need.

Medication Management: Staying on top of medications is crucial for arthritis management. We help ensure you take the right medicines at the right times.

Support for Activities: We believe in empowering you to engage in activities you love. Our caregivers are there to assist and encourage your participation.

Gentle Exercise Assistance: Maintaining mobility is essential for managing arthritis. Our caregivers can provide gentle exercise guidance to help keep you mobile.

Meal Preparation: Proper nutrition is key to managing arthritis symptoms. We assist with meal preparation, ensuring you have access to healthy, balanced meals.


Managing Arthritis with Homecare

While there is no permanent cure for arthritis, lifestyle modifications and treatment can significantly reduce pain and improve function, preventing further damage. Connected Health’s arthritis care services are tailored to help you manage your condition effectively within the comfort of your own home. This means you don’t have to consider moving to an assisted living facility.


Personalised Care Plans

At Connected Health, we prioritise what matters most to you. We work closely with you to create a personalised care plan that addresses your individual needs and preferences. Our commitment to high-quality support and care ensures that you can live your best possible life despite the challenges of arthritis.



Arthritis can be a formidable adversary, but with the right support and care, you can continue to enjoy life comfortably in your own home. Connected Health offers a comprehensive range of homecare services designed to empower individuals with arthritis to live their lives to the fullest. Our experienced caregivers are here to assist you with daily tasks, medication management, mobility, and more. Don’t let arthritis hold you back; choose Connected Health for the best arthritis care at home. Experience the comfort, convenience, and personalised support that sets us apart. To get started with your arthritis care at home, contact us today.