• The Benefits of Reablement Care at Home

    The road to recovery following an illness or injury necessitates more than mere physical healing. It calls for a holistic approach that attends to emotional wellbeing and champions independence. Within this transformative landscape, Connected Health's reablement care services emerge as a beacon, offering dignified and personalised support during this critical transitional phase, with a primary focus on empowering individuals to regain control over their lives.

  • How do you broach the topic sensitively? How can you ensure that your loved one feels heard and respected? This is not just a discussion about practical care arrangements; it's a profound expression of love and concern. It's about navigating a change in life's journey with grace and understanding.

  • Coping with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease is a journey that demands not only resilience but also the right support. Recognising

  • Recovering Comfortably at Home: Joint Replacement Care with Connected Health

    Joint replacement surgeries, such as hip and knee replacements, can be life-changing procedures. However, the road to complete recovery can be challenging, especially in the post-operative period. You may require assistance with daily tasks, mobility, and overall care.

  • The Homecare Insight Power List 2022

    The Homecare Insight Power List 2022 is the annual guide showcasing the sectors most influential leaders who are shining examples

  • Become A Health And Wellbeing Facilitator

    An exciting opportunity to join our established Health & Wellbeing team. We are looking for someone who is enthusiastic about